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Monday, October 1, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Set to Open

Sunday night, the youth of CUMC all came together to set up the patch and get ready for the pumpkins to arrive on Wednesday. They laid out the palets, spread hay, and set up the pumpkin store. It was a lot of work but nothing compared to whats to come on wednesday. This coming wednesday at 4:30 the youth and any other volunteers will come out to unload an entire 18 wheeler full of pumpkins. The Casselberry Pumpkin Patch features pumpkins that weigh over 50 lbs to the small pie pumpkins. It will be a lot of hard work but will be worth all the energy in the end. We hope to do really well this year with new products in our store and plenty of pumpkins to sell. Come out and help support Casselberry's Community United Methodist Church youth groups while having fun picking out your favorite pumpkin.

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